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Joe Craig is an IAAI Certified Fire Investigator with over 10 years of experience in fire/arson investigations. He has over 28 years of experience in the fire service with extensive knowledge in Illicit Lab Operations and Hazardous Materials. He is an instructor in multiple fire/rescue disciplines and has been an adjunct instructor with Texas A&M Emergency Services Training Institute since 2003. Mr. Craig is also a Private Investigator and has extensive knowledge and training in code enforcement, plan review, and fire/life safety inspections. 


    S.C. Fire Consulting, Inc.

    Fire Investigator, Inspector/Consultant, 2016-Current


    Conroe Fire Department

    Lieutenant - 2007- Current

    Fire Inspector/Arson Investigator, 2009- Current

    Firefighter 1997-2007


    Montgomery County Emergency Service District #1

    Fire Chief, 1999 - 2006

    Captain - Station 91, 1996 - 1999  

    Lieutenant - Station 91, 1992 - 1996  

    Firefighter, 1988 - 1992  


   Texas A&M - Texas Engineering & Extension Service

    Adjunct Instructor

§  Hazardous Materials Division, 1993 - Present

§  Municipal Fire Training School, 1993 - 1999



        Lone Star College

§  2013 Graduate - Associates in Fire Science

        Klein High School

§  1982 Graduate


    Professional Training

    National Fire Academy

    Practical Aspects of Fire Dynamics and Modeling- January 2015

    Electrical Aspects Of Fire Investigation- April 2013

    Forensic Evidence Collection- December 2011

    Interview, Interrogation, & Courtroom Testimony- February 2011

    Origin & Cause Investigation- July 2010

    Conducting Basic Fire Prevention Inspections- August 1997

    Recognizing and Identifying Hazardous Materials- August 1990



    Texas Engineering Extension Service

    Failure Analysis and Analytical Tools- November 2015

    Basic Property Technician- February 2013

    NFPA 1033 & Hands-On Evidence Collection- January 2012

    Hazardous Materials: Illicit Laboratory Incidents- July 2011




    International Association of Arson Investigators

    Accreditation, Certification, and Certificates- December 2015

    Investigating Natural Gas Systems- December 2015

    The Deposition - Part 2- July 2015

    The Deposition - Part 1-February 2015

    Process of Elimination- November 2014

    NFPA 1033 & NFPA 921 2014 Editions-November 2014

    Basic Electricity- May 2014

    Fire Dynamics Calculations- December 2013

    Ethics & Social Media- October 2013

    The Practical Application of NFPA 1033 & NFPA 921- July 2013

    NFPA 1033 & Your Career- June 2013

    Using Resources to Validate Your Hypothesis- March 2013

    Vacant and Abandoned Buildings: Hazards and Solutions- July 2012

    Fundamentals of Residential Building Construction- July 2012

    Search and Seizure- July 2012

    Explosion Dynamics- July 2012

    Investigating Motor Vehicle Fires- July 2012

    Understanding Fire Through the Candle Experiments- July 2012

    Fire Protection Systems- July 2012

    How First Responders Impact the Fire Scene- June 2012

    Motive, Means, and Opportunity: Determining Responsibility in an Arson Case- July 2012

    Investigating Fatal Fires- July 2012

    Writing the Initial Origin and Cause Report- July 2012

    Managing Complex Fire Scene Investigations- July 2012

    Preparation for the Marine Fire Scene- July 2012,

    The Potential Value of Electronic Evidence in Fire Investigations- July 2012

    Wildland Fire Investigations- July 2012

    Post Flashover Fires- July 2012

    Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire- July 2012

    An Analysis of the Station Night Club Fire- May 2012

    Insurance and the Fire Investigation- May 2012

    A Ventilation-Focused Approach to the Impact of Building Structures & Systems on Fire- April 2012

    Arc Mapping Basics- December 2011

    Utilizing NFPA 1033 and 921- July 2011

    Physical Evidence at the Fire Scene- May 2011

    Digital Photography and the Fire Investigator- May 2011

    DNA- May 2011  

    Fundamentals of Interviewing- January 2011

    Critical Thinking Solves Cases- January 2011

    Magnetek: A Case Study in the Daubert Challenge- January 2011

    Documenting the Event- July 2010

    Ethics and the Fire Investigator- July 2010

    Introduction to Fire Dynamics & Modeling- July 2010

    Evidence Examination: What Happens in the Lab- December 2010

    Electrical Safety- December 2010

    The HAZWOPER Standard- January 2010

    The Scientific Method for Fire and Explosion Investigation- January 2010


    International Association of Fire Investigators

    Understanding the Daubert Challenge- June 2015

    Anatomy of a Wrongful Arson Conviction-  June 2014


    Public Agency Training Council

    Meeting the Requirements of NFPA 1033- February 2013

    Fire and Arson Fatality Fire Scene Investigation- August 2011   

    Managing the Property and Evidence Room- April 2011

    Hand-on Arson Scene Search & Evidence Recovery- January 2011

    Hand-on Vehicle Fire/Arson Investigation- October 2010

    Fire Pattern Recognition & Identification- January 2010   

    Hand-on Electrical Fire/Arson Investigation- January 2010




    Enforcement Officials Continuing Education Fireworks Seminar

    American Pyrotechnics Association, December 2014, 6 Hours


    NFPA 25: Standard for Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection System,

    National Fire Protection Association, October 2010, 8 Hours   


    Certificates and Licenses

    TEEX Forensic Science Academy

    Property and Evidence Management


    International Association of Arson Investigators

    Certified Evidence Technician

    Certified Fire Investigator

    Fire Investigation Technician


    Texas Commission of Fire Protection

    Master Firefighter

    Master Fire Inspector

    Master Arson Investigator

    Skills Evaluator


    National Association of Fire Investigators

    Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator

    Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator


    Professional Organizations

§  The 100 Club

§  National Fire Protection Association

§  Fire Department Safety Officers Association

§  American Society of Testing Materials 

§  International Association of Arson Investigators

§  National Association of Fire Investigators

§  Texas Fire Marshals Association

§  East Texas Fire Marshals Association

§  Central Texas Fire Investigators Association

§  National Fire Academy Alumni Association

§  Texas Association of Property and Evidence Inventory Technicians

§  State Firemen's and Fire Marshal's Association of Texas 

§  International Association of Fire Chiefs 

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